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Our tax department provides advice to our local and multinational clients in all aspects of taxation law.

We have a strong local reputation in tax dispute resolution. Our team’s broad experience in commercial law enables us to give common sense multidimensional tax advice to our clients.

We provide clients will a full service tax practice that assists clients from the initial establishment of their business through to a business’s dissolution.

Our services include the following areas of advice:

corporate & personal income tax, value added tax, specific business tax, stamp duty, custom tax, property tax, international tax, and miscellaneous taxes;
corporate & personal income tax planning;
international tax planning;
tax planning for merger & acquisition, holding company structuring, business and debt restructuring, joint venture and consortium;
business and investment structuring to gain most tax preferable benefit;
finance & security tax advising and planning;
transfer pricing;
employee’s benefit tax planning;
commercial contract tax planning;
tax planning for the BTO, BOT and other complicated contract;
tax appeal; and
tax dispute resolution.