Successful Conclusion of the Ninth Ordinary Session of the Lao National Assembly’s Seventh Legislature and Premier Ordinary Session of the Lao National Assembly’s Eighth Legislature

The Ninth Ordinary Session of the Lao National Assembly’s Seventh Legislature and the Premier Ordinary Session of the Lao National Assembly’s Eighth Legislature (the “Conference”) was successfully held from July 1st – 22nd 2015 and from May 20th -22nd 2016, respectively. Ms. Pany Yathortou presided as president over the Conference while Mr. Choummaly Sayasone, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Lao PDR, honorably attended the opening of the Conference in the morning of the first day.

During the Conference, the National Assembly members researched, considered and criticized Government reports as well as the report on the Performance of the National Assembly Standing Committee. In addition, many drafts of law were considered and a new draft law was introduced.

Newly enacted laws and amendments to laws and regulations in the 2015-2016 Sessions by the relevant authorities are as follows:

  1. Constitution of The Lao PDR (Amended);
  2. Law on Business Competition (New);
  3. Law on Cyber Crime (New);
  4. Law on Tax (Amended);
  5. Law on Education (Amended);
  6. Law on Civil Servant of The Lao PDR (New);
  7. Law on Local Administration of The Lao PDR;
  8. Law on Anti-Human Trafficking (New);
  9. Law on Foreign Exchange Management (New);
  10. Law on the Arrival – Departure and Management of Foreigners in Lao PDR (New);
  11. Law on Government of Lao PDR (Amended);
  12. Law on Assembly of Province (New);
  13. Law on State Investment (Amended);
  14. The Draft of Penalty Code (New);
  15. Presidential Ordinance on Royalty Rate of Natural Resources (New);
  16. Decree on Signs;
  17. Decree on Higher Education;
  18. Decree on Official Documents;
  19. Decree on the Media Activities of Foreign Media, Foreign Embassies, and International Organizations in Lao PDR;
  20. Decree on the Performance Arts;
  21. Orders On the Withholding, Freeze or Seizure of Related to Terrorists or Financing of Terrorism;
  22. Orders on the Affixing of Labels on Goods in Lao Language;
  23. Orders on Price Control of Tobacco Products by Determination of Minimum Retails Prices;
  24. Orders on the Prohibition of the Deduction of Loan Deposit of the Micro-finance Institutions and Deposit Taking of Non-Deposit Taking Micro-finance Institutions;
  25. Decision on Data Center Licensing;
  26. Decision on the Electronic Issuance of Certificate of Origin;
  27. Decision on Import and Export Kimberly Process;
  28. Decision on Interconnection of Communication;
  29. Decision on the Establishment of the Commercial Banks and their Branches;
  30. Decision on Provision of Additional Information of Financial Institutions;
  31. Regulation On The Reporting Of Cash Transaction;
  32. Decision on National Radio Frequency Maps;
  33. Decision on the Wood / Timber Products;
  34. Decision on the Trade Center and Department Stores;
  35. Instruction on the Implementation of the Law on State Assets;
  36. Instruction on the Implementation of Law on Social Security (Amended);
  37. Decision on Implementation of Tax Payment at One-Stop Service Point;
  38. Decision of the Minister on the Budget Norms (Amended);
  39. Decision on Whole sale and Retail;
  40. Decision on Foreign Chamber of Commerce in the Lao PDR;
  41. Regulation on the Declaration of Cash, Precious metals and Bearer Negotiable Instruments While Entering/Existing the Lao PDR;
  42. Regulation on Listing of Debentures in the Lao Securities Exchange (New); and
  43. Regulation on Listing of Shares in the Lao Securities Exchange (New).

Furthermore, the following significant National Issues of the Lao PDR were approved by the Premier Ordinary Session of Lao National Assembly’s Eighth Legislature:

  • Listed the reporting of the results of the new election of National Assembly Members and certified the qualification of the Eighth National Assembly Member Session;
  • Considered and approved the structure and the Cabinet of the new government;
  • Considered and approved the Eighth Social-Economic Development Plans for five years of State (2016-2020);
  • Considered and approved the reporting of the State budget over the next five years (2016-2020), amendment plan of the budget of the State in annual 2015-2016 and expecting the budget plan of the State in the next three months in early year 2017;
  • Considered and approved the works policy of the Eighth National Assembly Member Session; and
  • Considered and approved the law making and amendment plan for five years of the Eighth National Assembly Session.

Mr. Rawat Chomsri, Partner