The Fifth Ordinary Session of the National Assembly Approved Three New Draft Laws at the National Assembly of the Lao PDR

After the fifth Ordinary Session of Lao National Assembly concluded successfully on 16 July 2013, three new draft laws had been approved: 1) The Law on Science and Technology; 2) The Law on Social Security; and 3) The Law on Lao Women’s Union. Apart from this, the Lao National Assembly also approved amendments of another two laws: The Law on Tourism and the Law on Food.

The draft Law on Science and Technology consists of 12 Parts, 8 Sections and 69 Articles and provides rules and regulations that govern research and development of science and technology conducted within the Lao PDR to be in line with the government’s policies, other rules and regulations of the Lao PDR and the current economic situation and social development of the country. When the Law of Science and Technology comes into force, it is expected to strengthen the confidence among Lao and foreign developers, inventors and investors in the research and development of science and technology.

The draft Law on Social Security consists of 10 Parts and 94 Articles. The objective of the draft law is to create a more systematic and effective social security system in order to protect the rights and benefits of laborers by providing subsidies to support fundamental life.

The draft Law on Lao Women’s Union consists of 11 Parts, 7 Sections and 54 Articles and provides the rules and regulations on the duties and responsibilities of the Lao Women’s Union, its structure, the ordinary and extra-ordinary meetings, and its responsibilities within the society. In addition, the law also provides conditions required to be fulfilled in order for a member to be admitted to the Lao Women’s Union as well as the rights and obligations of each member. When the Law of Lao Women’s Union is promulgated, it is expected to support various operations of the Lao Women’s Union, and allow the Lao Women’s Union to play a more important role in both the national and international political arena.

The three new draft laws have already been approved by the Lao National Assembly and are currently in the process of being amended to reflect the comments received from the Lao National Assembly members. Amendment by the Law Committee will take approximately 3 months before being submitted as final draft laws to be certified by the President of the Lao National Assembly. If the final draft laws are approved, the laws shall be submitted to the President for consideration and then promulgated by the Decree of the President once ratified.

Mr. Rawat Chomsri, Partner

Ms. Natchar Leedae, Advisor

Ms. Salin Thewphaingam, Advisor